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Suri is in Life and General Insurance Agency from 1987. Having joined Insurance Agency, he quickly identified the need for Total Financial Services and added all the product/service lines viz. Mutual Funds, Small Savings PPF and other allied lines to his business.

Apart from a Mechanical Engineering background, Suri holds a Master's degree in Commerce from Osmania University and also holds a Diploma in Personnel Management. He carries a world of experience with him prior to entering the Financial Services. He worked with Praga Tools and Bharat Dynamics Ltd. in the Public Sector for a span of 10 years.
Thereafter he joined private service and was deputed to Tanzania for installation, Commissioning of a Turn Key Project involving 21 Heavy Machines and Training the Tanzanian Technicians and Engineers. Suri got a commendation from the Government of Tanzania as well as Government of India for expeditious completion of the project. He has also toured in Zimbabwe and Dubai for Market Survey on behalf of his employer Magna Hardtemp Ltd.

Inspired by Late Appa Rao Machiraju, and LIRT, he has attended the MDRT Nashville Convention in 2002.
On the Mutual Fund front also Suri excelled and reached to Chairman's and other Top Club Honours of various Fund Houses. On behalf of HDFC MF, ICICI MF, UTIMF, Tata and Reliance MFs he has attended several meets and conferences within India as well as in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Colombo and other places.

He has an exclusive well furnished office in Hyderabad manning Six Personnel. He tries to take advantage of all technical gadgets and softwares possible to take his business ahead with ease.

An ardent admirer and disciple of Late Appa Rao Machiraju, Suri has immense regard for Papaji Sri. P.S.Kochhar, from whom he has learnt a great deal. He takes pride to have brought LIRT to Hyderabad for the first time way back in 1994.

Suri is a follower Swamy Sukhabodhananda the well known Corporate Mentor and has attended all his courses. Sri. P.Srinivasan of Coimbatore is the professional mentor of Suri. Among the other prides he enjoys are his wife, Vani, popular Advocate of High Court of Andhra Pradesh and Supreme Court of India, his son Raghu, a Software professional and his daughter Shruti, a Student of Law.

"In the race for excellence there can be no finish line.." is the unforgettable lesson learnt from the LIRT Platform which always drives Suri's thirst for knowledge and achievement in life.
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